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Everyday when I come from school, I drop my backpack and see the view of my furry friend. As he is sitting on the coach, he waves his tail jumping up and down. He turns on his back, waiting for his belly rub. As I approach him, he licks my face in kisses and comes upstairs with me to take my daily nap. This habit has only formed two years ago.

I didn’t realize how much a ten pound loser would change my life. When I am sad, he comes next to me to cuddle. When I am happy he lights up. When I am angry, he gets mad that I am mean to myself.

So why is Lumos our advisor in training? It is because of the life changing benefits of owning a dog.

So here are five ways to help your mental health?

  1. Pets reduce work-related stress. It is statistically proven that 40% of people say that their job gets in the way of their health. Studies show that pets in the workplace can help reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction.

  2. Pets help increase productivity. It is proven that when a dog joins a virtual meeting, group members find that their teammate was more trustworthy.

  3. Pets help manage anxiety. When you have someone to come home to, it provides you with companionship and support.

  4. Pets make you more active. It gives you a reason to go outside and get some fresh air. Becoming more active is proven to improve your mood, sleep, and mental health.

  5. Pets provide a sense of togetherness. The bond with a pet helps you feel that you are not alone. When owners see, touch, hear, or talk to their companion animals, it brings a sense of goodwill, joy, nurturing, and happiness.

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